Self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. It is an extremely important aspect of our lives, and because so many people
Efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of the day. People who always feel busy and rushed but never feel like
Preparing for your journey to success involves getting in the right mindset, and a commitment to stay with it.

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Finesse Academy programs are designed to help people identify their strengths and fortify their weaknesses, while developing a true sense of confidence to achieve their goals. Founded in 1998 by Vidhi Ghosalkar, the institute began in India, when she was asked to fill in for a scheduled speaker. A reluctant participant, Ghosalkar began a presentation about building self esteem and soon realized that motivating others was her mission.

The Finesse Academy was a tremendous success and was featured in the Times o f India, India's most popular newspaper. The curriculum is based on practical, proven skills and techniques that impact personal effectiveness, good leadership, career success - and everyday happiness! In other words, a Finesse Academy experience focuses on helping participants develop soft skills essential for prosperous living, such as:

In 2002, Finesse Academy launched its US operations; and in 2004 the curriculum was expanded to encompass life coaching skills for high school and middle school children to better cope with the competitiveness of school life.

Finesse Academy has conducted customized professional and personal skill development programs for individuals, learning institutions, corporations and non profit organizations, including:

  • Siemens
  • Glaxo
  • Mukund Iron and Steel
  • AIMS International
  • Compuware
  • Lions Club
  • Rotary Club
  • Troy Bharatiya Temple
  • IBM
  • Computech Corporation and Stratis Corporation
  • Baker Middle School- Troy
  • Corporate Computer Services
  • Other locations in Farmington, Northville and Novi, Michigan area
A customized program is built from a comprehensive analysis of your goals and objectives. Facilitators work to understand your organization, as well as your audience; and based on your requirements, offers tailor made solutions.

Because of this strategy, the Finesse Academy continuously receives amazing feedback for its programming innovations. People walk happy and satisfied having learned the secrets of a happy successful life. An added bonus is the institute's affiliation with major placement agencies to provide job placement assistance to Finesse Academy students.

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