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Confidence Building

Self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. It is an extremely important aspect of our lives, and because so many people

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Time Management

Efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of the day. People who always feel busy and rushed but never feel like

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Preparing for your journey to success involves getting in the right mindset, and a commitment to stay with it.

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Welcome to Finesse Academy

Finesse Academy programs are designed to help people identify their strengths and fortify their weaknesses, while developing a true sense of confidence to achieve their goals. Founded in 1998 by Vidhi Ghosalkar, the institute began in India, when she was asked to fill in for a scheduled speaker. A reluctant participant, Ghosalkar began a presentation about building self esteem and soon realized that motivating others was her mission.


  • Miral Tripathi
    7th Grade, Larson Middle School

    In this program I learned the most vital part of all life skills is CONFIDENCE. This class not only teaches the concepts but also gave me a chance to put them into actions. I learned what happens to confidence, how it affects my life, and what we can do to help it. I learned that failing is only bad if you don’t get up and try again. We heard stories of people who learned how to work with confidence and the problems they faced. This class gave me confidence to do things that I didn’t do before. We even had a speech competition where I got 1st place. I have enjoyed this class a lot.

  • senthil-kumar
    Senthil Kumar
    Senior Manager, RGBSI Ltd

    “Your presentation was the most outstanding I have ever heard. Our team was unanimous in their praise and the message you gave will, I am sure, raise their own goals and ambitions in the future.”

  • Finesse Academy
    Nutan Oak
    Chairman-Board of Trustees, Bharatiya Temple

    “Vidhi has continually set high goals for herself, and then gone ahead and done whatever it takes to achieve them. This is evident from her accomplishments and her desire to continue to learn various fields. Vidhi has conducted session for the youth committee at the temple discussing importance of goal setting, ambition and time management.”

  • Annadurai Murugesan
    Assistant Vice President, Comerica Bank

    Vidhi is a great motivational speaker. The personality development class I had with Vidhi was very helpful for anyone’s life in day-to-day activities. I was not a person to talk in any crowd but after Vidhi’s class, I am not like that any more. I am really thankful to her for tuning up my confidence level. Her unique way of teaching, discussion and motivation would be really fruitful to any one who attends her class.

  • anjali-gamble
    Anjali Gamble
    Cinergy Board Member, Compuware Corporation

    “Vidhi draws upon practical business know-how and life experiences to both entertain and inform her audiences…very clear in her message. Her energy level and expertise in the topic [Creating a Healthy Self Image] captured the attention of the audience.”

  • Niel Chitnis

    The class I took over the summer with Vidhi Auntie helped get confidence in myself. It also helped me get farther in school and in all aspects of life. I really enjoyed listening to Vidhi aunty’s teachings. This also gave me an opportunity to make new friends..

  • Soumith

    Confidence is great for your life. It helps you make the best of choices and to meet all of your goals. And so, this confidence class is the beginning of our journeys to success.

  • Kavya Minama Reddy
    Student 11th grade

    After completing the confidence class, I have learned so many aspects of being confident that I was not aware of before. The tips and tricks that I have learned definitely helped me in school, the quotes are inspirational, and the recordings reinforce everything. The class is very integrated with plenty of relevant, precise examples and ties in with Success. I am definitely looking forward to starting Time Management!

  • Raman Singh
    Parent of Kabir Singh

    This class was excellent from all aspects of personality development. I think it would be good to take this class again in a couple of years as a high school booster. I would like to arrange a class like this at our Gurudwara in Plymouth. Finally I think it would be good to address some issues that minority children face in school and society.

  • Tanuja Srivastava
    Parent of Neha Srivastava

    This was a good class. On parent teacher conference I heard teacher talking about Neha’s Confidence in class like raising hand to answer. She also wanted Neha to be more social & work in a team as a team leader. The teacher specially mentioned to me that she can can see a big change in Neha. Thank you Vidhi for your wonderful class it has really helped Neha.

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