WHY ‘Confidence Building & Public Speaking ’ Program?

The present day life of a student is filled with challenges. Growing preteens and teens, who already experience enormous physical and hormonal changes within them, undergo several cognitive, social and emotional changes too when they enter middle school and high school. How to handle these diverse variations?

Another epidemic in present day youth is self-doubt. They constantly doubt their competency and talent which makes them docile in any environment. They are restrained to raise their hands in class and dread to express their views boldly. These are traits that stall success. How to remove self-doubt?

Have you asked your child to give a presentation to a group of people? In most of the cases, the child will quiver and fumble. Public speaking is becoming a vital component of today’s classroom. It is an indispensable skill to make your presence felt, improve acumen in research which is crucial for academic success. How to ace this skill?

What is your goal? When this question is asked to student, the answers are abstract and ambiguous. Goal setting, a critical step in the ladder to success, should be specific, measurable and time bound. How to acquire this?

The answer to all these questions is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is infused, not inherited. The ‘Confidence Building’ program of Finesse Academy helps students to discover their inner strengths, conquer their fears, build their confidence and strengthen their self-esteem and handle their mistake and criticism positively. Students of Finesse Academy stand out in a group because of their positive attitude and actions which results in recognition, reward and respect.

Finesse Academy helps participants enjoy the freedom of being so confident in their beliefs that they are not affected by someone else’s opinion. There is a true sense of confidence in all accomplishments as participants are armed with the necessary tools to build confidence through focus and determination.

Following is the break-up of the course:

- Understand the concept of Confidence?

- What is true confidence?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- How to stop sabotaging yourself and trusting your dreams?

- How to start building your confidence right now?

- Case Study / J. A. M. / Inspirational stories


- Develop Behavioral confidence.

- How to break free from low self esteem habit?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Practice Emotional confidence

- How to overcome shyness?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Learn to handle mistakes

- How to turn a defeat into victory?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Tap into your talents

- Tips on effective Public Speaking Skills

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Set out to do new things and hone your skills.

- How to break free from the comparison trap?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Make your goals work for your success.

- How to Set and Achieve your Goals?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Learn to handle anxiety.

- How to face your fears?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories


- Use feedback to your advantage.

- How to commit to constant and never-ending improvement?

- Case Study ; J. A. M. ; Inspirational stories

- Learn to handle Rejections.

- How to improve self-determination and excellence?

- Speech Contest (An opportunity to use the Public Speaking skills learnt in the program)

- Certificates and Trophies!!

Course Benefits:

Your will learn to

– Become more self motivated and accept responsibility

– Grow into secure young adults

– Break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential

– Communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts easily

– Convey your needs opinions and frustrations in a positive manner