Who can attend a Finesse Academy workshop or seminar?

Typically, the Finesse Academy is designed for Middle to High School students. Programs have also been developed for working professionals, home makers and housewives.

The Finesse Academy helps children develop strategies to succeed in school and in life. Students learn:

  • people skills and proper self-presentation
  • various strategies to help deal with challenges and setbacks that can be created in the school environment
  • a plan for accomplishing goals, resisting peer pressure, having a good attitude admitting weakness and handling mistakes
  • how to develop and integrate strategies to become successful

Finesse Academy facilitators analyze the goals and objectives, consider the audience and, based on the requirements, develop a customized course that lasts about an hour a week for eight to ten weeks. Personality Development programs consist of strategic tools to address an array of youth issues.

Our students range from straight ‘A’ students to below average students. The Finesse Academy philosophy is that everyone possesses enormous potential and can be successful in school and life, given the tools and confidence to learn and grow.

Middle school is the best time to expose children to these programs. This is an age when youth are experiencing so many physical, mental and emotional changes. Finesse Academy provides them with a platform to express themselves with all those issues and further equips them with the confidence to eliminate shyness, burst past limitations, and instantly program their minds for success.

Vidhi Ghosalker, a talented motivationalist, has successfully conducted similar programs for youth through an indescribable emotional journey that results in an expanded self-awareness and desire to succeed. Vidhi brings a unique view “To motivate others to elevate their thinking and take action to improve them.” Parents can be assured that Vidhi’s passionate presentation style will capture and retain children’s attention.

You immediately recognize the affects of a Finesse Academy experience on your children in various ways. Throughout the program they are exposed to inspirational and motivational thoughts that it promotes individual thinking and xxx making these a part of their every day life. Also what works best is reinforcement with the tools that I provide them with and making sure that they use them daily.

Finesse Academy’s Time Management program does not promote cramming a lot in a limited amount of time. It involves meaningful accomplishments in a certain time span.

Effective Time Management is key to getting the most out of your day. Students learn techniques to reach their goals by learning how to budget time wisely, prioritize tasks, overcome procrastination, improve concentration, and deal with distractions.

Finesse Academy’s Time Management program helps them organize their space to create an ideal study atmosphere. Participants find the best methods to:

  • remove chaos
  • coordinate contents of their backback
  • organize their locker
  • adapt to growing learning needs
  • create a schedule conducive to their activitie

High achievers tell us they appreciate gaining new learning skills, while struggling students discover techniques to help them hurdle through barriers that blocked their progress in the past.

Each program is designed with a follow-up session after two months to check on the child’s progress. A Finesse Academy facilitator reviews post evaluation tools completed by each participant after the program. Facilitators are also available to former participants to explore optional techniques to aid problematic situations.

Students are armed with a number of tools to keep them motivated after the Finesse Academy program. At the end of every class they receive a list of relevant quotes and carefully selected from the day’s session. They are encouraged to refer to the affirmations as often as possible. In addition, a complete recording of all the classes become available on CD. Parents are urged to listen to the CD whenever there is time to do so. Repeatedly hearing the lessons plays on their mind and motivates them to be confident in their daily life.