Finesse @ International Academy

International Academy is a International Baccalaureate (IB) certified high school, that offers full International Baccalaureate diploma program to all its students. It functions as the first all IB diploma public high school in North America.

The International Academy has three campuses: IA Central, IA West, and IA East. IA has a highly challenging and grueling academic program. The IB diploma and subject area certificates are widely accepted by universities and colleges around the world as evidence of superior achievement.

The IB Diploma being a very rigorous program, IA felt the need for teaching its students crucial time management techniques so that they can exercise control over time.

In September 2010, they invited Mrs. Vidhi Ghosalkar to teach a program titled ‘Time Management and Study Skills’ in all its three campuses. This program has created a wave of enthusiasm and exhilaration among parents and students. It is today rated the second most popular course among the indefinite variety of enrichment courses offered.

Many IA parents perceive the impact of the course in their children’s daily activities. They are organizing their time effectively, completing homework and other tasks on time (which is a ton in IA everyday) and studying in the way that is most efficient.

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