Effective Workplace Communication for Professionals

  • Maximize Your Career Potential Through Effective Communication


  • Do you desire to sharpen your techniques in order to be prepared for the next round of promotions?
  • Do you find that your computer skills are no longer sufficient for long term job sustainability?
  • Do you often find yourself walking away from meetings thinking, “I should have said this,” or “I should have said that?”
  • Are you restricting yourself from career advancement due to your inability to effectively express?
  • your ideas to your colleagues?  To your boss?  To the interview panel?
  • Are you looking to express your professional ideas with eloquence and fluency?
  • Do you wish you could convey your ideas with more confidence?

What Will I Gain?

  • Networking skills
    • The ability to converse with colleagues at every level
    • The ability to effectively introduce yourself, creating a memorable first impression
    • The ability to deepen connections with others in order to broaden your work experience, expand your opportunities, and win over clients
  • Presentation skills
    • Deliver your message with enthusiasm, capturing your audience’s attention with ease
    • Express your ideas independently, free from notes
  • Professional growth skills
    • The ability to use verbal skills in order to advance yourself within your company and beyond
    • The ability to express confidence with ease
    • The ability to demonstrate leadership skills in order to access your full potential
    • The ability to effectively plan and attain goals