WHY ‘Success Strategies for Teens’ Program?

Success! Its magical!! Just perceiving success excites everyone. How about embracing it in everyday life?

Finesse Academy aims in assisting its students to achieve success in all their endeavors. The ‘Success’ program is a Summer session structured to fine-tune students of Finesse who have previously completed either ‘ Confidence Building’ or ‘ Time Management & Study Skills’ program. The course comprises of strategic lessons, role-plays, debates and discussions that coaches students to envision, experience, and enjoy success in life.

During the program the students learn the powerful process of visualizing success and discover the motivation to turn every vision into reality. The graduating students are programmed to take initiative, go the extra mile to excel, practice a problem solving approach in life and as a result, have a winning edge over others.

Following is the break-up of the course:

- What is success?

- Take 100% Responsibility of your life.


- Excuses or Excellence

- You get What you Expect.


- Believe It’s Possible

- Discover Your Drive


- Believe in Big Size Goals

- Settle for More


- Face your Fears Head on

- Get the Action Habit


- Be Proactive

- Have a Can-Do-Attitude


- Keep Score of Your Success and build on it

- Perform With Persistence


- Be willing to Pay the Price

- You are who you hang out with


- Make Your Attitude your Allies

- Get the Action Habit

- Think win-Win


- Use goals to help you grow

- Commit to constant Never-Ending Improvement

- Sharpen the Saw

Course Benefits:

You will learn to

– Be proactive

– Set and achieve goals

– Handling more tasks and activities in less time

– Think creatively and solve problems

– Turn defeat into victory

– Succeed in life